Hello, buttons. I’ve floated for Becky many times, and my first time floating for her worked out really well, and then after that, it all sort of went down hill, but I’m here to try again. Some of you may know me from my old Imogen; Imogensaysmeow or some of you may know me from all my Fiona Coyne floaters, but if not I’m Lizzie.

I do write multiparagraph but not like intense 30+ paragraphs, just two or three, and I ask you to write the same. I won’t be posting a sample, because those always get stolen, but if you’d like to see it, just message me, and I’ll let you see how I write!

I do have trouble with smut, since I don’t exactly know how to write it, but if you promise not to laugh at me, we can try.

I ship the following- bolded is OTP.

  • Beckdam.
  • Beckogen.
  • Jennecky/Benna.
  • Goldsbaker.
  • Bakewards.
  • Drecky.
  • Becky/Fiona.
  • Jecky- Jake/Becky.
  • Chemistry.

I’ll work with two OC’s max, as long as you come to me with a plot. If you expect us to be partners just because we interact, I’d have to say no, we have to have a plot, and you need to message me to be put on my partners page.

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