idk what im doing on here.

Step One;

Click the link Below.


Step Two;

Click The Button That Looks Like This.

Hi, I’m Lizzie if you didn’t know and I’ll be restarting my Becky on another account because yeah, its just easier. The link should be posted in a bit.

Wow. Um, so this account got hacked. Great.

But, I changed everything and Im back so don’t worry.

The link you're clicking is my new Becky account.

I just want a fresh start, so you can follow me, and we can plot~ Wee.

might revamp this account and start everything over, bc I’ve sort of lost current muse.


my friend just said I cant ship Jane/Maura because they aren’t canon.

DUDE. Its called a crackship~

Then she told me crackships weren’t a real thing.

no shit, its a crackship.

So many Rizzles feels. Like stahp.

I’ve been watching this since midnight~

when theres really good rizzles fan videos that make me cry or giggle u know u did it right. ok, bye.